He had loved her first

Begged for her love

Which she willingly gave

She was happy at first

You see, he was her first love

As she was his

As the years went by

Their love became dull

Once a proud lover

Now hides his love from others

He used to be gentle

But now he smothers

She could not believe

This was how it is meant to be ?

Was he the same lover

She fell for head over heels ?

That could not be

He was her light at the end of the tunnel

Now he is the tunnel

As dark as tunnels can be

Was this meant to be ?

How could that be ?

She saw her world through his eyes

Now there is no world left to see

She is desparate for the love she once believed

He has become a bad habit

A habit from which she did not wish to break free

You see, she still hopes

For the love that was meant to be.


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