If I were to disappear Here and now Would you notice The empty place on the sofa Right beside you Where I used to be Would you notice If my existence were to cease But I guess what I really mean is Would you really care ?

#Poem ( Shine )

You didn't expect that You never expected me to get up But I did Everytime you pushed me down I stayed down Everytime you broke my heart I apologised Everytime I should've stood up And said No. I didn't Well I'm up now I picked up the pieces and made them whole You are not…



I'm still here After all these years I'm still here Standing still Actually ... I'm moving backwards I wish I were still.

Poem #

What if it was all just inside my head ? What if nothing really happened ? What if I believed him for once ? Let down my guard And stop thinking Stop rewinding every word he said Every expression on his face Every time his phone rang Every time I heard his phone buzz Should…

Creative writing # 1

Why is it that no matter how many good things you do .. people only remember the one thing that slipped from you .. They decide they are going to judge you and how you treat them based on that one tiny inconvenience you seem to have caused them .. They will make you feel…

Just a thought ..

I never hated you I hate the way you treat me I hate how you don't acknowledge me Like you can't see me Like I'm not there I just want to be seen Please love me again Like you once have You must have Have you ?

Guardian angel ..

She just wanted it to end The long sleepless nights The tedious dull days The tears , so many tears But then There he was Refusing to leave Reaching out to her Offering to save her from this hell But how could she He would only drown in her sorrows He deserved better He should…