One Trimester down .. Two more to go.
How I wish I could tell you how beautiful the 2nd part of my pregnancy was. I really do. I was just reading a blog by a mum who was describing her pregnancy as a blessing, magical, wonderful time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those mums. I wish I had a similar experience. But the fact is I didn’t. Now back to our story.

2nd Trimester. Same sickness, heart burn, being uncomfortable. Just double it. And to make matters worse, my belly started to show. And it did not look like a pregnant belly. No. It just looked like I was extra bloated all the time. Like I was just getting fat. So, as you would expect, all my jeans and trousers did not fit me anymore. And ofcourse I couldn’t take the risk of squeezing into them. I couldn’t wear my cute little denim mini skirt at home. Nothing looked cute anymore. I was not happy.
Along came the fifth and sixth month. So, because of all the nausea and the heart burn, I had lost my appetite completely. I know this is weird because they always say pregnant women eat more and have cravings and so on. Well that never happened to me. I just did not want to eat anything. I was eating less than I ever had in my life. I wanted to eat chocolate but I couldn’t because it was just making me put on weight so quickly and it was not good for the baby. I couldn’t eat my favourite crisps, no no soda, no junk food at all. I love junk food. Don’t take that away from me. Well they did.


By now my doctor was so frustrated with me because she had told me over and over again that I needed to eat more healthily because I was very low on iron. My blood pressure was always low and that just wasn’t good for anyone. She told me if i did not get my iron levels to increase I would have to take an iron injection every week. And that happened. As I got closer to my 8th month I needed more iron if I was wanted to survive the delivery of the baby. SO I was being injected with iron, everyday. If you have never had these iron injections, you are really lucky. They hurt like hell. The liquid is really sticky and gooey so it just really hurts going in and my buttocks are still very sensitive to this day from all the pricking.

3rd Trimester. Now this was the worst part of it. I hadn’t been eating well, sleeping well, unable to sit down comfortably anywhere, walking around was a challenge, the baby was kicking like crazy, it just wasn’t a happy time for me. The baby kept me up all night, every night for months. I couldn’t sleep on my back, sides, tummy nothing felt comfortable. Sometimes I would have to sleep sitting up. I couldn’t breathe right, the heartburn was awful. I mean, I just wanted this baby out of me as soon as possible. Until finally my doctor set a date for the c-section.
My delivery story is not a very pretty one. I’m still not sure I want to share that with the world yet. Maybe one day, we’ll have to see.
That was my blissful pregnancy story. Are there any mums out there that can relate to this, or am I just a weirdo who had a weird pregnancy?


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