Just a thought ..

I never hated you I hate the way you treat me I hate how you don't acknowledge me Like you can't see me Like I'm not there I just want to be seen Please love me again Like you once have You must have Have you ?

To be or to … 🤔

To be or not to be ? That is totally NOT the effing question The question should be To eat .. or to work out ? That is the ultimate question 😁

Change ..

And so she changed She listened to all the critisicm and changed If that's what they want Then she'll change She'll forget herself And Change ..

Guardian angel ..

She just wanted it to end The long sleepless nights The tedious dull days The tears , so many tears But then There he was Refusing to leave Reaching out to her Offering to save her from this hell But how could she He would only drown in her sorrows He deserved better He should…


Lies ..

I'm fine I'm okay Don't come closer No need to pretend like you care I know it's just a damn play So stay away Because I can too Pretend to be okay And as long as neither of us is brave enough To say the truth So we'll just continue with this charade.

Connected ..

When he's happy she's happy When he smiles she smiles They are connected one could say Connected in a way that makes her alive He is her home, her safety, her haven He is her soul She thrives in his existence And withers when he is gone He gives her power like no superhero has…

Not again ..

I love you ... Okay You know I missed you ... Uhuh Can we talk ? Later Okay .. good night ... So it finally happened He has fallen out of love with her But she has not What to do ? Where did she go wrong ? She did everything he asked Oooh ...…

Strangers ..

He had been gone for a week It was hell for her But he was not moved That must've been the coldest greeting between them Her tears were ready to flow right then and there But she held herself and mustered the power To smile and laugh as if nothing had broken her heart The…