Please Leave ..

Why did you come ?  Why don't you leave ?  Why are you such a tease ?  Your love isn't for me  Please don't shout and scream  I am not yours  And you are not for me  So please calm down  Try to see We are not meant to be  So Please  Just Leave. 

To my friends .. I miss you ..

I never had many friends. I know many people, but not many friends. I'm really okay with it. It doesn't bother me. I'd rather have two or three close friends than have a bunch of friends who really aren't my friends at all. Know what I mean ? So to my friends .. I really…

Take me away

Take me away To a far away land Where no smile is bent And no tears are shed Where faces are clear And intentions clean Take me with you Please, I need to Take me away To the furthest place

I’m an introvert. I’m not stuck up.

I found this drawing and I absolutely love it. I think of myself as an introvert. I occasionally enjoy interacting and socialising with other people. But I like to do that only when I want to. That's when I really enjoy myself. Hanging out with people that genuinely like and whenever I feel like it.…


People are weird

Just a thought that crossed my mind for a second .. When I first started this blog about 2 weeks ago, the first post I wrote was an "About me" post. I now realise that was a mistake. Besides the fact that I didn't get even 1 view or like. I noticed that most bloggers…

I can’t write when I’m happy

I find it quite odd how I can't write when I'm happy. I find that I have nothing to say. As long as I'm happy, I don't even have the urge to write. But at the slightest inconvenience, or we if my husband and I have the tiniest argument or disagreement, I run to my…

A Crippling Love

He cripples He breaks me He steals my light I used to shine in his closeness Now he brings in the darkness Please do not hate him For I still love him Yet he cripples me My smile once permanent Is now a sign of politeness Please do not curse him For I still worship…

I love .. love

She loves love She loves to love and be loved She loves to talk about love She loves to witness love She loves love Love hasn't been kind to her But she still loves Oh the way she loves No one else can love