Why is it that no matter how many good things you do .. people only remember the one thing that slipped from you ..

They decide they are going to judge you and how you treat them based on that one tiny inconvenience you seem to have caused them ..

They will make you feel worthless .. like you have never ever done something right .. like you are just a failure and you failed them ..

The funny thing is they continuously let you down and fail you .. they are not there for you .. only to their convenience .. you cannot count on them .. but they cannot function without your constant help ..

But you are never thanked .. appreciated or recognised for what you do for them ..

And when you fail to do one thing out of a thousand other things you already do for them .. they instantly mark you as incompetent ..

They do not attempt to slow down and think that maybe .. just maybe .. you are tired .. you are sick .. you are hurting and noone can see ..

But why do they do this ?

Because you let them.


2 thoughts on “Creative writing # 1

  1. You’d be surprised, tho, that a lot of “others'” criticism is really internal. Try telling somebody “no” sometime when you mean “no” and see who the real critic is. Just a thought.

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