She just wanted it to end

The long sleepless nights

The tedious dull days

The tears , so many tears

But then

There he was

Refusing to leave

Reaching out to her

Offering to save her from this hell

But how could she

He would only drown in her sorrows

He deserved better

He should be happy with someone else

Why did he choose her

Maybe , just maybe she was worth being loved

Oh how she yearned for love

Although she had always loved him

A deep true beautiful love

She had kept him away

Hiding and turning away

Whenever he wanted to stay

All she wanted was to throw herself in his arms

And cry

Feel his heartbeat and cry

But she couldn’t

It would be unfair

She could not let him come any further

Or her gloom would consume him

She wanted him to thrive away from her

She wanted him to go on and be happy

But he stayed

For years , he stayed

He was there

He was always right there

He dug his feet into the ground and stayed

So she opened her eyes

Fought the demons she nearly embraced

She got up

And tore the walls apart

And there he was

She let him in

And the sun finally came out

And the air smelled nice

And he held her

And it felt just right

And she let it out

She allowed herself to be vulnerable with him

She breathed for the first time in what seemed like centuries

And she did not let go of him

She will never let go

Because now

She only blooms and glow.


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