When he’s happy she’s happy

When he smiles she smiles

They are connected one could say

Connected in a way that makes her alive

He is her home, her safety, her haven

He is her soul

She thrives in his existence

And withers when he is gone

He gives her power like no superhero has

His love captivates her

She cannot describe but even if she can

She would say he’s got stages like that of a day

He rises with the sunrise

Then shines all day then finally sets

In the most beautiful way

Even when his day is at an end

It’s a starry night with the moon shining on her face

He is a miracle in the most divine way

She loves him in ways she did not know possible

And she will never love again

It’s him, it was always him and it will be him for an eternity to be.

He is not her better half , he is her all.


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