He had been gone for a week

It was hell for her

But he was not moved

That must’ve been the coldest greeting between them

Her tears were ready to flow right then and there

But she held herself and mustered the power

To smile and laugh as if nothing had broken her heart

The minutes went by and she could not resist a hug

It was just that .. a hug from her to him

Not an embrace .. she hugged him but he did not hug her back

She squeezed him tighter only to receive a pat on the back

A pat .. not a gentle, loving pat .. a firm emotionless pat ..

She looked into his eyes

Searching and searching for a glimpse of love and warmth in his soul

But all she found was bitterness and void

She unwrapped herself and stepped back

And watched him walk down the hall and out of her life.


8 thoughts on “Strangers ..

      1. It happens. Don’t take too many things to heart. Move on, laugh often . Amid imperfect life and flawed self , keep it light

        Liked by 1 person

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