First and foremost, I need everyone to understand that I love my daughter to death. I would give her my soul. And if I could, I would reach up and pick her a star.
Having just said that, I sometimes need a few minutes, or hours, away. Just a little time on my own. Just to recharge so I can continue to be the best mother possible for her.
However, there are some annoying mums out there who claim that this thought never crosses their mind. They claim they do not need to spend time away from their kids and that life as a mother is pink all around and filled with baby unicorns and rainbows and fluffy clouds.

Well, to that I would respond by politely smiling while grinding on my teeth and inside my head I would be reciting every bad word I know because I’m a lady, so I swear under my breath.
Call me a bad mother, give me the “looks”, stare, do whatever you feel like you need to do. Just do it your way and let me do it my way.


4 thoughts on “A Suffocating Mother

  1. everyone needs time to step back and be alone. to have time to themselves. over the years of being a stay-at-home mom the best days were ones where my husband kicked me out of the house and told me to go shopping or something like that. we all need time to regroup and move forward. I don’t think that is a bad thing… I think it is a human thing

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  2. It’s a need . You need to be with yourself, but that doesn’t mean you are ignoring everything. It’s just that you are recentering yourself

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