You ask me

Are you alright

I’m fine, I say

But ….

I am not

I am far from being fine

I want to tell you

About it all

I want you to know

But you will judge

Like them all

I try to hide it

But the thunder and lightening inside

I can’t hold it in anymore

If you look hard enough

You can see the cracks in my soul

The demons are breaking through

All hell will break loose

My soul is no longer pure

My innocence tainted with gloom

Yet if you ask me

Are you alright

I say to you

I’m fine .. And You ?


12 thoughts on “Help me ..

      1. I’ve always loved writing .. and lately I’ve become bored with my life .. so I decided to give it a try .. and I love it. So glad I took the first step and pushed on.


      2. But why so melancholic tagline, bored mum and wife ? You don’t work ? Whqt you are bored of ?


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