“My son learned in a week”
            “My daughter just took two weeks”
                 “Relax, it’s easy. No big deal”

Yeah, yeah … keep it to yourself you arrogant b….

Well, you see, I have been trying with my daughter for about 6 months now. We would go sit down for half an hour, an hour, and the little rascal would pretend to be pooping, then when I take her off, nothing, then I put her diapers on and hold and behold, she poops in her diaper. Tragedy.

( I had to stop writing right now because I had to change her diapers. Which was actually a good thing, because while I was wiping her little cute poopy booty, a blog idea popped into my head. So there you go 😄 )

Now back to our story.

I know, here comes all the judgement and criticism, and not the good kind mind you, no.

The kind that just makes you feel even more of a failure as a mother. When I watch these videos, or read the stories, or hear it from other mums, I really do doubt if I am a fit mother. Damn it I can’t even potty train my daughter.

I begin panicking and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer knowledge that my daughter is going to have to wear diapers all the way to primary school. And all because I could not potty train her. Yeah, it’s that extreme for me.

I wish I could persuade her with sweets and treats like the other mums said they did with their kids. Or with toys, or stickers or whatever. But, my daughter isn’t like that. She is not easily fooled. She doesn’t really care at all. If she doesn’t want to do something then she’s not. She’s really smart I guess. All that baby stuff doesn’t work on her.

I’m not going to stop trying with her. I’m just saying it takes more time for some kids. And I think that’s ok. Stop trying to make other mums feel bad about themselves. You have no idea how bad it feelsthat you have failed your child. So stop bragging about your kids and your amazing maternal capabilities.

Every child has a different pace. So just please, for the love of God, would you just stop judging other mothers. We should help eachother and support one another.

Oh the joys of being a mother .. 😉

How did you get your child to stop using diapers and how long did it take ? Please share your stories with me , maybe help a mum or two 😄


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