I’ve discovered something really odd about people. Once a woman gives birth to a beautiful child .. suddenly .. everyone becomes an expert on how to handle and take care of and raise children.

Stop it .. seriously people just STOP IT .. anyone who does this.. just ENOUGH .. good hearted or spiteful .. I do not care and neither does any mum out there.

If all you guys were the perfect mothers, then why are there so many crappy people out there. Who raised them? Because apparently you all did a great job. Just saying ..

And I certainly do not appreciate the judgemental stares and the tsks tsks and the muttering about how bad of a mother I am because my 2 year old got bored in the grocery store and is having a fit.

Kids get bored of sitting in the trolley doing nothing. They’re kids. And yes .. if you must ask .. we had to bring her along. I can’t go alone .. I need my husband to help me .. and no .. I couldn’t leave her with anyone because I live on the outskirts of the city away from everyone we know.

So just keep it to yourself please. Just mind your own damn business.


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