Coffee, oh sweet coffee. Thou art heavenly. Was that correct old English? I don’t even know anymore. So I’ve been off caffeine for about a month now. And I can honestly and truly say that it’s been an absolute … NIGHTMARE. I’m not even joking. Seriously, caffeine is not to be taken lightly. It’s not a laughing matter people. I used to drink 2 or 3 cups a day. Then one day, woke up, decided I wasn’t going to drink anymore coffee. Strange, but that’s how I make most of my decisions. So I replaced the coffee with green tea. A healthier and waaaay cheaper alternative. Save a few pounds and lose a few around my belly. Perfect bargain. Simple, right? Well, my body was having none of it. I needed the goddamn caffeine. I slept better, ate better, no tummy aches. My body was getting healthier but I still craved that cup of coffee. I love making myself a hot cup of coffee and enjoying it while … ok who am I kidding, I try to enjoy it while having to constantly tell my daughter to watch out for the hot coffee, or trying to just have a sip of it while she used me as her own personal trampoline. But eventually it got into my system one way or another. I totally support my desicion of quitting caffeine, here’s why, I got weak and had a cup last week, had the WORST stomach ache, nausea, dizziness, it was just awful. Now I’m sure I’m not supposed to be having caffeine. Don’t be fooled, I still miss it terribly and I know I won’t be able to abstain forever, but at least I won’t be completely dependant on it. Ugghh .. I hate that I’m doing this to myself. I want my coffee !!!


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