Crazy .. should people be calling eachother that .. even as a joke?

Me personally, I don’t think so. I’m not trying to be all philosophical and smart and whatever, but here’s why I’m thinking about it.

So I have a condition called Tricho.. something something … it’s a mental disorder where you are compelled to pull out your own hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It’s not really bad with me. I don’t pull out my eyelashes, just a little of my eyebrows and hair. I only pull a little when I’m really stressed, to the extent that I have hidden it from my husband for as long as we’ve known eachother. Yeah, I’m that discreet. He never noticed a thing.

But, one doomed day, I had been going through a lot and I had been really miserable for a few months, and it just happened, I managed to unconciously pull out more hair off my head than I usually do. I had to keep my hair swept to the side to hide it. It made me even more miserable. I was terrified of him finding out.

Well, it happened. He saw it. I bent down to do something and my hair fell out of place and he saw that ugly empty hole in the middle of my head. He was absolutely terrified. He was horrified, he thought something had happened to me. He thought some kind of illness had caused this and he was very worried about me.

Well, it didn’t last long. The moment I told him what I had done, he just stared at me and then left the room.

We were going to see his family for a holiday that day and he did not talk to me all the way. He was driving angrily. We arrived, still nothing. At the end of the day I went and asked him what was wrong, he told me that I was a crazy person.

I need you to understand that my husband is not a bad person. He is so sweet and considerate. But he just felt betrayed. He didn’t understand why I hadn’t told him about this and allowed this thing to do this to me.

We had been together for a long, long time before getting married. We’ve been through a lot and it hasn’t all been lovey dovey rainbows. But we loved eachother deeply. He did not let go of me when I was deeply depressed. He stayed. He waited for me. He was very supportive. We tell eachother everything. So when he found out that I had been hiding this from him, he was really hurt, so he lashed out without realising it. It was really hard for him to get over it but he did, 4 days later, we returned back home and he was extra sweet and charming to me.

The next day we (me, my husband and our daughter) went out and we really enjoyed ourselves. He was trying to make it up to me and I accepted it. I love him. I forgave him, but that word just stuck with me. I’m not crazy and I wanted to prove that.

Since then I’ve been trying to do a lot more things with my day, prove I can be a productive person. Proving to myself more than anyone that I am not my tricho..whatever.

Got a little carried away back there. What I meant to say was, don’t call people crazy, seriously though, Ok ?


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