So I’ve got a beautiful little 2 year old girl who takes up all of my time and energy and effort. Lately my husband and I were thinking about having another one. Not because we miss all the sleepless nights, the vomiting, the fevers, you know,  baby stuff. But because our daughter’s nearly three now so we don’t want the age gap between them to be so big.

So we decided that I was going to remove my IUD and try for a baby. We’re supposed to go to my doctor in a couple of days but we’re already having second thoughts about it. I’m really torn. I’m really not ready for another baby. Neither is my husband. But I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

I don’t know what to do. I know this seems very childish, but my relationship with my husband just got a lot better these daya and I am terrified of going through that again. All the arguments, the fights, the tears.

We were so sleep deprived, emotionally deprived that we were just so short tempered and on edge all the time. It was not a good time. But I suppose now is better to have another baby than later on.

And people around us are not very helpful. They just make you feel like you are just being lazy or overreacting. They act like they never had a tough day with their kids. They are 50 now so I’m pretty sure they just forgot how it’s really like. They just make me feel like a terrible mother and that they were the perfect mothers. I mean, their kids didn’t really turn out that great.

Anyways, I need to make up my mind fast. What do you guys think?


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